ROSE talk: Yasutada Sudo (UCL), this Thursday, 21 January, 15:00, Trans 10 (Room 0.51)

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Dear all,

We are happy to invite you to Yasutada Sudo’s (UCL) talk as part of the ROSE seminar series. The talk, entitled “Come and go with a shift in perspective” (see abstract below), will take place this coming Thursday, 21 January.

Date: Thursday, 21 January, 2016
Time: 15:00-17:00
Location: Trans 10, Room 0.51

Come and go with a shift in perspective

In this talk I examine the presuppositional restrictions of two verbs, come and go. Previous studies assume that they both have presuppositions and their presuppositions are incompatible with each other (Fillmore 1975, Oshima 2006, 2007, Percus 2011): Roughly put, come presupposes that the movement is towards the speaker (or hearer) and go presupposes that the movement is away from the speaker (or hearer). Contrary to this, I present data showing that go actually has no presupposition, and the relevant inference is an ‘anti-presupposition’ (in the sense of Percus 2006), generated in competition with come. This, however, leads to a puzzle, given that in some contexts, both come and go are acceptable. I observe that such contexts involve ‘perspective-shifting’ (cf. Percus 2011, Bylinina, McCready & Sudo 2014, 2015). Perspective-shifting is independently observed with the presupposition of come, both across and within sentences (Percus 2001, Barlew 2015). I postulate a series of perpective-shifitng operators (cf. Schlenker’s 2014 super-monster), and claim that anti-presuppositions are only computed under one perspective.

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